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Solo C5 sites with an Orca!

Posted by on Nov 25, 2013


Step 1: Pour your self a tall glass of 80 proof.

Step 2: Start a solo close op without checking the mass, time till close, if there are targets on the other side or anything else that may come off the top of your head.

Step 3: Jump through with your Orca filled with fully fitted T2 and Faction ships Afterburner On (This is important for step 4).

Step 4: Realize you have made a big mistake when the wormhole closes behind you.

Step 5: Solo C5 sites with an Orca!


Orca Solo C5






PSA: Please remember too check the status of a wormhole before jumping through it.



  1. Step 2a. Make sure you have not fitted probe scanner.

  2. Why didn’t you just eject from the orca in a safe (ideally off d-scan), hop in the cheetah and scan an exit?

    • Wormholer, step 1 answers your question

    • The Orca pilot could only fly Caldari ships, my main can fly all races.

      • Hahahah, definitely been there! I’ve lost a Curse and a Pilgrim each while hemremad myself. Though my old CEO was the best, he would blackout and wake up the next morning and find that he had lost 1 or 2 dramiels the previous night and have no recollection of it (that’s all he flew in pvp, so he had a stockpile). This happened on a fairly regular basis I named it Drunken Dramiel Escapades once and it stuck. I guess my point is at least you woke up to missing money and a shiny ship, not missing money and a loss mail =P.That’s actually not a bad fit, pretty cookie cutter for a vagabond some people will try to fit 425 s on there instead of the 220 s, but I’ve seen both flown very effectively.

    • Being the owner of the hole he died in, I can safely tell you that his only connection was into NOHO.

  3. Afterburner or not it was going to close. It was crit when you jumped 😉

  4. This is one of the most useful tips for new scanners. 10/10 would reccomend, saved me hours of scanning since I heard it.

  5. Hell – you could have simply set the cal frigate skills training and logged off in there for a week or so and saved the bil loss.

    Good grief lol

    • meant to say min(matar) for the Cheetah

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